Connection Fee

Pays for meter, labor and equipment to install meter. 

Application/New Service Fee

  This fee is for the administrative cost of opening an account by the administrative staff.   


 Also known as Meter Deposit or Customer Deposit. Monetary Deposit is required by the District to secure payment for District services. The deposit is refundable in conjunction with the rules and regulations of these Rules and Regulations. We do not run credit reports and every customer must put a deposit down prior to the tap being installed or services turn on.  

Impact Fee

 This fee is an upfront fee paid when a new connection is added to the Porter SUD water system or when an existing connection is upgraded to a larger size. Such fee is required as a capacity charge for construction of future facilities that are needed because of the increase in water system capacity necessary for new or expanded service connections. (We do not receive tax money like a Municipality or cities that receive such items.)  

Customer Service Inspection

 A C.S.I. is performed for any new tap/connection to make sure that  the internal water lines and fixtures in the dwelling/structure has been properly installed and has a back-flow preventer installed, if necessary. This inspection is required by the Texas Commision of Environmental Quality. Also known as T.C.E.Q.  


  If you chose to finance the tap you will be required to pay interest. The interest is a simple interest and is determined by the size/cost of the tap. For example: the standard 5/8” x 3/4:” meter will incur the interest charge of $180.00. It’s 10 percent of the remaining balance to be paid.    Please remember that the only fee we can finance is the impact fee. (ex. $1800.00 / $180.00 interest).